Since 1956, George Washington University students have found refuge, inspiration, challenges, character, competition and camaraderie on the Potomac River.

Some GW students have some vague awareness of the team, and, for others, the team becomes a seminal part of their collegiate experience. Whether the person tried rowing for a semester as a novice or was a four year varsity member, time on the team makes an indelible impression.

Although those long-lasting influences are fondly remembered and even though many are fortunate to keep in touch with our teammates years after, sometimes it is surprisingly easy to lose track of the team in its current day. This is a lost opportunity hoped to be remedied at least in part by this website.

As I read the articles and names and view the pictures on this site, I recognize that the student athletes and coaches on the team today share many of the same qualities and characteristics I admire among my old teammates. Were it not for the happenstance of years and timing, the athletes of one generation could very well be the friends of my own generation.

For certain, there is representation of those who are – or will┬ábecome – world class athletes, scholars, business and civic leaders, drinking buddies, workout partners, parents, friends and family.

As you go through the materials here, I ask one thing: Don’t just sit back. Use this as a venue to share pictures and stories from your days “bending an oar” for GW. Use this as an excuse to reach out to a teammate you haven’t spoken to in years. Use this as an opportunity to rediscover – very likely in some other form – the passion and dedication you offered as a member of the team. And, last but not least, use this as a tie throughout the GW Crew community to be inspired, to applaud, and contribute support and encourage the best you can. This includes financial contributions to the team, but that should be the by-product of your involvement and enjoyment. There is much you can offer. And…stealing an old slogan from the U.S. Army while recalling the message on Coach Bob Burke’s hat when he coached the GW novice men back in 1984: “BE ALL YOU CAN BE.”