GW Crews compete in Japan

Pictured (L-R): Alex Mundt, Matt Russell, _____, Chris Reite, Tony Spinelli, Scott McDonald, Jean _____ , Tim Downs, Aquil Abdullah. 
The multi bay boathouse shown is where the crew
stayed. Announcement Date: July 1, 1994

In the Summer of 1994 the Varsity 8 went to Japan as the guest of Hitosubashi University and stayed at the Mitsubishi boat house (yes, the company) in Toda, Japan, site of the Rowing venue for the 1964 Summer Olympics.

Double practices and sightseeing daily. GW had some fans in Toda and concluded with a 1000m regatta during a windy, rainy, and choppy day on Tokyo bay. Several collegiate and corporate teams were present. In the finals, GW came in a close second to the NKK corporate team, which, as told by our Hitosubashi friends, had 6 oars from the Japanese national 8.