GW leapfrogs Georgetown at Eastern Sprints

Announcement Date: June 1, 2009

The first two years GW Men’s Crew participated in the vaunted Eastern Sprints showed us finishing respectably in the 3rd level final, with Georgetown qualifying ahead in the Petite (2nd level) finals.

2009 Eastern Sprints, however, showed a role reversal as GW Crew’s Men raced admirably in the Petite finals for the Varsity 8, Second Varsity 8 and Freshmen 8 events. Georgetown qualified for the 3rd level finals in each of those events.

These results were all the sweeter because some twenty years earlier, it was the lone GW Crew battling the Georgetown armada. While those one-against-the-world victories are special, the growing depth of GW Crew shows the fruit of seeds sown.