SIRA Regatta Results for 2012 show GW Strong

GW Crew presented itself in the upper echelon of Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association schools. SIRA Regatta results included a series of strong finishes for the entire GW Crew.

Men’s Varsity 8 finished 1st, ahead of many including Virginia, Temple and Florida Tech.

Women’s Varsity 8 finished 2nd, behind Grand Valley but ahead of Purdue, Florida and Florida Tech.

Women’s JV 8 also finished 2nd, behind Kansas State but ahead of Purdue and others.

Men’s Freshmen 8 also won, finishing 1st ahead of Marietta, Virginia and Purdue.

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2011 Eastern Sprints: Final Results

Varsity 8 finishes 3rd in 3rd level final, behind Northeastern and Penn.

Second Varsity 8 wins 3rd level final, beating Holy Cross, Georgetown and Rutgers.

Freshmen 8 lands 4th place in 3rd level final, but beats Georgetown by a little more than half a second.

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2010 Eastern Sprints: Final Results

Varsity 8 reaches 2nd place in the 3rd level final. Beaten by Penn by two seconds, GW men outpaced third-place finisher Georgetown as well as Holy Cross, Rutgers and MIT.

In a rare bit of symmetry, the Second Varsity 8 also reaches 2nd place in the 3rd level final – beaten by Penn…but beating Georgetown.

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2009 Eastern Sprints: Final Results

Men’s Varsity 8 makes the Petite (2nd level) Final and secures a 3rd place finish, behind Columbia and Syracuse but ahead of Navy, Dartmouth and MIT.

Men’s Second Varsity 8 also make the Petite Final, coming in 6th place behind Northeastern University.

Men’s Freshmen 8 come in 7th place in the Petite Final, behind Dartmouth.

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2008 Eastern Sprints: Final Results

Men’s 2nd Varsity 8 wins 3rd round final ahead of Dartmouth, Holy Cross and Penn.

Men’s Varsity 8 finishes 2nd in the 3rd round final, 3 seconds behind Dartmouth but ahead of Holy Cross, Penn, Rutgers and MIT.

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Timesheet from GW’s First Eastern Sprints, 2007

GW holds its own as a first-time participant of the prestigious Eastern Sprints Regatta!

Freshmen 8 finish 5th in their first heat, behind Georgetown (1 second), Wisconsin, Princeton, Brown – but ahead of Penn. GW Freshmen eventually go on to win the 3rd level Final against Rutgers, Holy Cross, Penn, Dartmouth and MIT.

Second Varsity 8 finishes 2nd in the 3rd level Final behind Boston University, but ahead of Holy Cross and Dartmouth.

Varsity 8 wins 3rd level Final ahead of Holy Cross, Columbia, Dartmouth, Rutgers and MIT.

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GW Freshmen compete at 2002 IRAs

Sowing the seeds, GW sends a strong Freshmen Men’s Crew to the IRAs.

The crew fought through a deep event, being eliminated in the semi-finals.

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Georgetown wins 2001 GW Invitational

The GW-Georgetown rivalry showed no signs of sweetening as Georgetown won the 2001 GW Invitational Crew Classic’s Gilbert H. Hood team point trophy.

In varsity events, Temple Men dominated the eights – ahead of Georgetown, Navy and University of Virginia. University of Virginia’s women – ranked 8th in the nation at the time – won their final.

The bright spot for GW during the 2001 regatta came from GW’s novice women who finished third in the finals.

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GW Men take Silver at 2000 IRAs

A GW Men’s straight four won a Silver Medal at the 2000 IRA (Intercollegiate Rowing Association) Championships.

Despite a rough start as the crew adapted to a borrowed boat, the crew of Justin Hutchinson, Jason Anklowitz, Sal Assenza and Jeremy Dutra pulled ahead of University of Washington, Harvard University and Cornell University to pull within two seconds of the winning Wisconsin crew.

Coach Gene Kininmonth brought the crew which, making it to the Grand Final placed GW ahead of (listed in finish order) Cornell, Harvard, Washington, Rutgers, Brown, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Cornell (B), Boston University, Michigan, Syracuse, Navy, Georgetown, Penn, and Georgetown (B).

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GW Women fare well at 1999 IRAs

1999 GW Women completed their season with a solid 2nd place finish in the Women’s Varsity 8 Petite Final of the Intercollegiate Rowing Association Regatta (IRAs).

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