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Power, Remembrance at Princeton Chase 2015

GW Crew turned a lot of heads at Princeton Chase 2015, with its boat speed and its memorable tribute to their teammate Nick Upton.

Leading with their hearts with their tribute, our men’s freshman 8+ finished an impressive 4th place behind California, Princeton and Cornell while besting Dartmouth, Harvard Lightweights, Princeton Lightweights, Syracuse, Navy…and Georgetown.

GW Men’s Rowing once again found itself in familiar territory, with close competition against Syracuse as Syracuse Orange edged our V8 by less than 2 seconds over the three mile course. Silver linings were had, however, as GW’s A and B boats both bested Georgetown’s A boat – with our B boat coming in one place and four seconds ahead of the Hoyas.

Our men also had two boats in the 4+ event, with the “A” four trailing the winners by 1% and finishing with an admirable 4th place overall.

GW Women’s Rowing faced a deep field of 65 boats in the varsity eight event, with our A and B boat entries both finishing in the middle of the pack.

Also rowing a boat in the 4+ event, GW Women offered a shining spot with a greater than 15 second lead over the Georgetown women’s four.


GW Men's Rowing Princeton Chase 2015

GW Freshmen in Robin unisuits pay tribute to fun memory of Nick Upton

Nick Upton, “It’s all of us or none of us”

Nick Upton

Nick Upton

Nick Upton an admired and great GW Men’s Rowing teammate perished in a swimming accident off South Africa’s Wild Coast on August 30, 2015. The 19 year old GWU International Studies major studying abroad at University of Cape Town.

As described in the GW Hatchet article remembering Nick, Nick’s father Jim Upton pointed out that Nick was a “constant source of love and comfort to his family and friends.” The article continued, “Whether it was during a practice for the men’s rowing team or when he decided what weekend party to attend, Jim Upton said his son would always stress the value of teamwork and unity to the people around him.”

Coach Mark Davis and the team honored Nick’s memory attending his funeral services where Hawaiian shirts and bow ties were considered appropriate attire, given Nick’s penchant for both. Additionally, the university held a vigil for Nick and the team paid a special tribute to Nick while competing in this year’s (2015) Princeton Chase as the team traded their usual blue and buff racing garb in for Robin (of Batman and Robin) unisuits.

“Nick had a trademark unisuit that was a Robin suit; he just had it made at some point and wore it to practice all the time,” George Washington head coach Mark Davis said. “He was that kind of guy, a great teammate who was always there for everybody. I think he had a tuxedo unisuit as well, and would always grow a crazy mustache; a really funny kid.

“We wanted to pay tribute to him, so we decided we would all race in Robin unisuits this weekend.”

The backs of the unisuits also featured a quote from Nick: “It’s all of us or none of us.”

While Nick’s family, Kappa Alpha fraternity brothers, the team and the entire GW Crew community undoubtedly feel the loss of Nick, evidence shows that this young man and how he lived his life made a very positive and indelible mark on many.

The family requests that donations be made to Save The Children in Nicholas’ honor.

Nick Upton powering GW Crew from the four seat in 2014

Nick Upton powering GW Crew from the four seat in 2014

Rock stars of GW Crew

GW Crew blades

Huge props from the GW Crew community go to Mikey Tapscott for this creative and finely-produced music video, featuring the 2014 GW Men’s Rowing team on the Potomac River and taking their reps in the weight room.


U23 National Team Rowing with Tewksbury-Volpe

Incredibly, for a third summer in a row, U23 National Team Rowing includes GW Rowing’s Jordan Tewksbury-Volpe. He will be competing at the U23 World Championships. This is a fantastic accomplishment! Every member of the GW Crew community should appreciate, applaud and enjoy Jordan’s success.

Jordan grew up in Naples, Italy where he had the fortune to row under the guidance of one of the best coaches in Italy, Antonio Colamonici. Jordan came to the United States in 2012 to study and continue his rowing at The George Washington University. Since that time, Volpe has been a staple of the first Varsity crew at GW.

Jordan and his pair racing partner, Zander Bonorris, wrote a marvelous testament of their ethic and enjoyment going into the competition, stating:

“The strength of this crew is centered in our ability as racers. We love training, we love working tirelessly on our technique to improve our efficiency and smoothness, but, above all, we love racing. There is nothing like lining up at the starting platform, taking a quick gander at your competition, and enduring the increasing flutter of butterflies as you await, ‘Attention. Go!’ Then you get the next six and a half minutes to burn off all of that nervous energy – and then some! – racing full out for ourselves, for each other, and for Old Glory.”

There is an extra level of exciting competition for this pair. Zander and the stroke of Great Britain’s crew, Tommy Marshall, have rowed together in the Harvard Lightweight Varsity for the past two years. Talk about a hunt for bragging rights!

More about each oarsman’s background, their racing and training can be read in their written piece, found here.

Great videos of Jordan training and racing can be seen below. Jordan’s event in the 2015 Trials video starts at 1:57.


IRA Regatta 2015: Final GW Men’s Results

GW Men made another solid appearance at the IRA Regatta 2015, with our Varsity 8 finishing 22nd, Second Varsity 8 finishing 15th, and our Third Varsity 8 finishing 16th overall.

One apparent benchmark for next season will be how we fare against Syracuse University who had a boat in each of our final races.

Varsity 8 4th Level Final
4. GW

Second Varsity 8 3rd Level Final
4. GW

Third Varsity 8 3rd Level Final
4. GW

GW Freshman prevail in 2014 end of season racing

In GW Men’s final tune-up before the 2014 Eastern Sprints, crews faced tough crews from US Naval Academy and Columbia.

The tough competition was welcomed but edged our crews out in the Varsity and JV events. GW Freshman Men raised high the old Blue and Buff with a victory in their event.

Read complete GW Hatchet article.

Expectations after joining Eastern Sprint Schools

The progression from having a single top-performing crew to regularly expecting high performance at Nationals has been a steady one for GW Crew. That progression continues as GW Crew joins Eastern Sprint schools.

“Every year we’re continuing to up our standards,” junior Craig Helmstetter said. “The team mentality over the past few years has been to really push ourselves.”

“We’ve changed our standards from being glad we made it [to nationals] to feeling like, ‘Okay, let’s take some people down and show them what we’ve got,'” Helmstetter said. “We’re here to compete.”

Read the May 2010 GW Hatchet article here.

Jordan Volpe ’16 represents USA

Jordan Volpe ’16 represents the United States at U23s in the Lightweight Men’s pair.

GW Women win Gold at SIRA Regatta 2013

Finishing strongly ahead of 2nd place Purdue and 3rd place Kansas State, GW Women won the SIRA Regatta 2013 Championship Varsity 8 event with a time of 6:34.7.

Read complete results and times.

2013 SIRA Regatta Results: GW Freshman Gold

GW men’s rowing team won a gold medal in the Freshman 8 Grand Final for the second year in a row at the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association (SIRA) Championships in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

SIRA Regatta results had the GW Freshman 8 winning the Grand Final, rowing the 2,000-meter course in 6:07.50, ahead of Virginia and Purdue. “The F8 did a great job and won their event by open water,” said Head Coach Mark Davis. “It was nice solid racing from them all weekend. They were very composed and very strong. It was the second year in a row that we won that event so big credit to assistant coach Tom Guncik and his efforts working with the freshmen.”

GW’s Varsity 8 finished in third-place in the Grand Final. The Colonials won both their heat and semifinal races on Saturday but could not complete the sweep on Sunday. Florida Tech won the event in 5:47.60, followed by Virginia (5:49.50), GW (5:54.20), Temple (5:59.40), Jacksonville (6:01.40) and North Carolina (6:01.70).

The JV8 was offered a silver lining to their regatta performances as they won the B Final after failing to qualify for the Grand Finals.

More on the racing can be read here.

View complete results and times.

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