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GWU vs Georgetown 1987: “GW Beats Hoyas”

GWU vs Georgetown battle update DATELINE: May 3, 1987

Washington Post Sports section, page c16

Outcome of the 1987 DC Area Championship / Cadle Cup is summarized in the Washington Post headline: “GW Beats Hoyas in Lightweight Race,” but the article manages to tell the bigger story too.

The sheer number of eights that Georgetown would field compared to GW gave an advantage on paper. It is frequently noted that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and out of necessity GW crews fostered their development and determination.

“We are not nearly as large a program as Georgetown,” explained Coach Paul Wilkins in the Post article. “We had to juggle the crew. For several weeks, we were mixing and matching, just trying different combinations and plugging rowers in different seats.”

“We got beaten badly by Temple two weeks in a row and then had two weeks off until this race,” Wilkins continued.

“We knew we were better than we had shown, but we didn’t know how much better. And today we found out. Georgetown is one of the best lightweight crews in the country. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them again in the Dad Vail finals.”

With Georgetown and GW trading the lead for the first half of the race, GW took the lead for good just after clearing Key Bridge.

GW’s two seat lead was hotly contested for the next 500 meters, but then saw GW surge as Georgetown fade to a boat length back entering the last 500 meters. Hoyas “countered with a furious sprint to the finish, yet crossed the finish line two seats and 1.2 seconds behind GW’s winning time of 6:11.5.”