While the GW Crew community is extraordinarily proud of our Olympians and teammates who have been recognized with extraordinary Honors, we embrace the qualities and character of all our collegiate athletes, program coaches plus parents and friends.

The four year GW Crew athlete who does not manage to rise out of the third varsity eight – but continues to press onward, challenging themselves and their teammates at every turn, is an essential ingredient to the success of GW Crew as a program and an institution for fostering individual development.

While NCAA’s Title IX also has re-shaped many athletic departments and sometimes created distance between Men’s and Women’s teams, we are proud of the inclusiveness, effort and achievements of all GW Crew athletes.

Time is another factor that defines a Team. Each generation has its struggles and successes.

Together, we are one. The Team of GW Crew.

  • Current GW Crew Athletes
  • Honors bestowed upon GW Crew Alumni, Current athletes and Coaches
  • Coaches who fill the formal position of leadership, direction and development
  • Alumni oarsmen and women, coxswains and coaches who remain a part of the GW Crew community
  • In Memory of those members of the GW Crew community who have passed