GWU Rowing Club Established

January 1, 1956

GWU Rowing Club is established. First GW Crew consisted of Ahmed Shah at Coxswain, Bob Moore as Stroke, Sandy Morrison, George Post, Frank Estep, Fred Dibbs, John McLane, Wylie Barrow and Chris McAvoy. Charlie Butt, a prominent rowing figure within the Mid-Atlantic and DC area rowing, is also credited with support and growth of GW Crew in its earliest years.

Ron McKay named first Coach

February 1, 1956

Former MIT coxswain Ron McKay named the first coach of GW Crew.

GW Crew buys First Racing Shell

March 17, 1956

GW Crew buys its first racing shell from the U.S. Naval Academy. The shell was named the VIII also in recognition of active Greek support for the team.

Fred Maletz named Head Coach

January 1, 1957

GW Beats Georgetown

May 1, 1958

After helping Georgetown University re-establish its rowing program, GW wins first annual GW -GU race, then called the Styron Cup.

Chip Fawcett named Head Coach

January 1, 1959

Coach Fawcett coaches for the 1960-61 and 1961-62 campaigns, during which GW Crew becomes the 17th member of the Dad Vail Rowing Association.

University grants Crew as Varsity Status

February 1, 1959

George Washington University athletic department promotes Crew to Varsity Sport status.

GW Crew moves into Thompson Boat Center

March 1, 1959

Thompson Boat Center, located along historic Rock Creek Parkway, was dedicated on September 24, 1960. Since its earliest days, Thompson Boat Center has been home to GW Crew.

GW Crew joins Dad Vail Rowing Association

January 1, 1961

GW Crew becomes the 17th member of the Dad Vail Rowing Association

Sandy Sanborn named Head Coach

January 1, 1962

Coach Sanborn coaches GW Crew for the 1962-63 and 1963-64 seasons, during which GW Crew touts its first blade design and finishes an impressive 4th place at the Dad Vail Regatta.

GW Crew Blade Design Created

February 1, 1962

GW Crew’s shows its colors as Coach Sandy Sanborn designs GW’s racing oars.

GW finishes 4th at Dad Vail Regatta

May 1, 1963

Harvey Montgomery named Head Coach

January 1, 1964

Coach Montgomery, a former GW oarsman, serves as GW Crew coach for five consecutive seasons. From Harvey Montgomery’s start in the 1964-65 season through the 1968-69 season, GW Crew racks up a 5th place freshman finish at the Dad Vail Regatta (1966-67) with his Freshman Coach Bill Palmer, a 7th place finish (1967-68), and a 4th place finish (1968-69).

GW finishes 7th at Dad Vail Regatta

June 1, 1967

Bill Palmer named Head Coach

January 1, 1969

Returning after Coach Palmer’s successful campaign as Freshman Coach during the 1966-67 season, Bill Palmer returns – this time as Head Coach. Continuing winning ways, GW Crew finishes 5th at the Dad Vail Regatta during Coach Palmer’s 1969-70 season. Reflective of the times, the title for team “Captain” was called the “President” because the team felt that the term was “too… Read more

Morton & Mullins Coach

January 1, 1970

Coaches John Morton and Dennis Mullins team up as Co-Head Coaches for the 1970-71 and 1971-72 seasons. GW struggles due to unrest on college campuses. At one point, the team had to row through clouds of tear gas on the river.

Art Charles named as Head Coach

September 1, 1972

Coach Art Charles was a long-serving GW Crew Head Coach. His tenure included six consecutive seasons, from 1972-73 through 1977-78.

Tim Cullen named Head Coach

September 1, 1978

Coach Tim Cullen led GW Crew as head coach for the 1978-79 and 1979-80 seasons. Tim is fondly remembered for his leadership as a coach and as a former GW oarsman.

Chuck Moll named Head Coach

September 1, 1980

Paul Wilkins named Head Coach

January 1, 1981

Paul Wilkins, former GW Oarsman and Coxswain, became GW Crew’s Head Coach in 1981. Coach Wilkins would serve as Head Coach for the next 15 seasons – through the 1995-96 academic year. Paul coached GW Men and GW Women’s teams for most of those years, bringing a competitive fire and forward-looking ambition to all his teams. For many of those years,… Read more

GW Beats Georgetown

May 1, 1984
Graduating Seniors Paul Douthit, Crawford Williams and Chris Hawthorne head to dock to celebrate the win.

GW wins Cadle Cup (DC Championship) for first time in 19 years. Mens Varsity 8 consisted of: Crawford Williams – Coxswain, Chuck Chu, Marty Guay, Charlie Brown, Paul Douthit (Captain), Walleed El-Ansary, David Wilson, Paul Etinger, and Chris Hawthorne

GW races its first Head of the Charles

October 1, 1985
1985 Head of the Charles

GW races at Head of Charles Boston in Heavy Eights for first time. Crew consisted of Simon Walker-stroke, Marty Guay, Robert Bartlett, Charlie Brown, Ed Zack, Dave Lincoln, Chuck Chu, Tim Timmermann, Lee Silverberg-coxswain.

GW wins first Medals at Dad Vails

June 8, 1986

GW wins GW’s first Dad Vail Regatta Gold Medals powered by an all-senior crew of four-year GW oarsmen and a four-year coxswain. Racing in the regatta’s Men’s Heavyweight 4+ event, our crew, prepped by Coach Paul Wilkins, was the spoiler for a Cincinnati crew which had been coached by U.S. National Team Coach Kris Korzeniowski. GW also made it onto the medal… Read more

GW hosts First GW Invitational Crew Classic

April 1, 1988

GW hosts Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, UCLA

April 21, 1990

Oxford and Cambridge Universities come to Washington, DC along with Harvard, University of Wisconsin and UCLA for the first Potomac International Regatta. Awesome racing, state-of-the-art buoyed course (acquired for GW’s first Invitational Crew Classic/Cherry Blossom Regatta) and corporate sponsorships – all alongside the newly completed Washington Harbour complex. A massive transition in only a few years.

21st Amendment Closes Doors

June 9, 1990

Storied institution and favorite hangout spot for GW Crew, “21st Amendment” bar has its final last call. During some mid-night hours, Motown songs and cheers can still be heard on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue’s 2100 block. In unrelated developments, erg scores and national team presence trend upwards.

John Devlin named Men’s Coach

September 1, 1991

Former nemesis becomes advocate as Georgetown University Athletic Hall of Famer and former Georgetown Crew coach is brought on by Coach Paul Wilkins to coach GW men. Coach Devlin was honored by the GW oarsmen he coached through dedication of an eight-man shell, aptly named “John ‘Big Kitty’ Devlin.” Coach Devlin is fondly remembered.

GW Crew hosts Japanese Crews

April 1, 1992

As part of the celebration of GW Invitational Crew Classic officially becoming part of the Cherry Blossom Festival and to continue the excitement of previous years’ international representation, Japan Air Lines sponsors Hitosubashi University and Tokyo University crews racing on the Potomac.

First GW Crew representation at Olympics

June 1, 1992

The 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain was the first time to see GW oarsmen as Olympic oarsmen – and the representation was three-fold! Michelle Knox Zaloom ’86 and Tina Brown ’90 were competitors on the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team while Robert Bartlett ’88 was a member of Great Britain’s Olympic Rowing Team.

GW Crews compete in Japan

July 1, 1994
Pictured (L-R): Alex Mundt, Matt Russell, _____, Chris Reite, Tony Spinelli, Scott McDonald, Jean _____ , Tim Downs, Aquil Abdullah. 
The multi bay boathouse shown is where the crew

In the Summer of 1994 the Varsity 8 went to Japan as the guest of Hitosubashi University and stayed at the Mitsubishi boat house (yes, the company) in Toda, Japan, site of the Rowing venue for the 1964 Summer Olympics. Double practices and sightseeing daily. GW had some fans in Toda and concluded with a 1000m regatta during a windy,… Read more

Stephen Peterson named Head Coach

September 1, 1997

Coach Stephen Peterson takes the helm, with assistant coaches that first year of Amy Wilton ’90, Jimmy King, and Matt Russell ’96. Coach Peterson led an entire generation of GW oarsmen, staying aboard until the end of the 2002-03 season.

Gene Kinimouth named Men’s Coach

September 1, 1999

Gene Kinimouth named Men’s Coach and contributes in that role for the next three season, until the end of the 2001-02 academic year.

GW Men take Silver at IRAs

June 3, 2000

A GW Men’s straight four won a Silver Medal at the 2000 IRA (Intercollegiate Rowing Association) Championships. The crew trailed a Wisconsin crew by two seconds, but – making it to the Grand Final – placed (listed in finish order) ahead of Cornell, Harvard, Washington, Rutgers, Brown, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Cornell (B), Boston University, Michigan, Syracuse, Navy, Georgetown, Penn, and… Read more

Matt Boyle becomes Men’s Coach

September 1, 2001

Matt Boyle joins the coaching ranks of GW Men’s Crew as an assistant to Coach Kinimouth. The following year (2002-03) Coach Boyle would take the reigns as the Head Coach and lead GW Men for the next three seasons (through 2004-05).

Helen Betancourt named Women’s Coach

September 1, 2003

Greg Myhr named Men’s Coach

September 1, 2005

Greg Myhr leads a generation of GW men as Men’s Crew Coach. During Coach Myhr’s four year tenure (through the 2008-09 season), he forges GW Crew as an Eastern Sprints competitor.

GW joins Eastern Sprints

January 1, 2006

In 2006, under the leadership of Coach Myhr, GW Men’s Crew is admitted as a provisional member of EARC (Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges). The next year, GW would become a full member and compete in its first Eastern Sprints Regatta.

Jon D’Alba makes US National Team

June 1, 2006

Jon D’Alba makes US National Team and competes at the World Rowing Championships in the Men’s Lightweight Eight. D’Alba would go on to be a multi-year US National Team oarsman, also competing in the 2007 World Championships.

Rob McCracken named Women’s Coach

September 1, 2006

Rob McCracken named GW Crew Women’s Coach. Coach McCracken would lead from that position for three seasons, until the end of the 2008-09 academic year. During that tenure, Coach McCracken enlisted the expertise of assistants Sarah Dondero (2006-07) and Maria Bokulich (2007-08 and 2008-09).

GW leapfrogs Georgetown at Eastern Sprints

June 1, 2009

The first two years GW Men’s Crew participated in the vaunted Eastern Sprints showed us finishing respectably in the 3rd level final, with Georgetown qualifying ahead in the Petite (2nd level) finals. 2009 Eastern Sprints, however, showed a role reversal as GW Crew’s Men raced admirably in the Petite finals for the Varsity 8, Second Varsity 8 and Freshmen 8… Read more

Mark Davis named Men’s Coach

September 1, 2009

Mark Davis is welcomed to GW as Head Coach for the Men’s Rowing Team. Coach Davis brings with him a great history of success from a lineage of our nation’s top collegiate rowing programs including University of California at San Diego, University of Texas at Austin, Hobart College, Colby College (Maine), and Yale University. Coach Davis recognized what has always… Read more

Freshmen Men win Gold at 2012 SIRA Regatta

May 1, 2012

In an impressive showing which illustrated both the leadership of Coach Davis and a promising future, GW Crew’s Freshmen 8 won their event at SIRA (Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association) Championships. GW Freshmen Men furthered expectations and dominance in this category with a win the following year as well.

GW oarsman at World Championships

July 23, 2013

GW oarsman Jordan Tewksbury-Volpe competes in the Under 23 Rowing World Championships in Austria. Read GW Hatchet article.

Four GW Oarsmen Compete Internationally

July 1, 2014

Nothing short of impressive, GW Crew saw four of its athletes row and compete internationally during the summer of 2014. Those wearing Blue and Buff beneath the colors of their Canadian, Italian, and American homelands were: Trofym Anderson ’14, David Morgensten ’11, Jordan Volpe ’16, and Kasey Colander ’14. To find out which of these GW Crew athletes went on to become a World… Read more

GW Men have 21 Race Win Streak

May 4, 2015

Depth and consistency result in GW Men winning 21 races. The Streak comes to end behind strong crews from US Naval Academy and Columbia. Read GW Hatchet article.